Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TMS320 CE Server Integrator

TMS320 CE Server Integrator
To support engines with remote codecs, a Server must be created. The Server integrates the various components necessary to house the codecs (e.g. BIOS, Framework Components, DSP Link, codecs, CE, etc.) and generates an executable.


    Config scripts
        For BIOS 6-based systems (i.e. >= CE 3.x), both Server and BIOS use the same config file (.cfg)
        For BIOS 5-based systems (i.e. <= CE 2.x), the Server uses a .cfg script and BIOS uses a separate tconf script (.tcf)
    A simple main() routine to do minimal initialization (e.g. CERuntime_init()).
    Execute the configuration scripts and compile the output into an executable.

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