Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TMS320 CE Engine Integrator

TMS320 CE Engine Integrator

The CE Engine integrator defines various engine configurations. This can include the names of the engines, as well as the codecs and their names within each engine, whether each codec is local or remote relative to the application, which groups each codec should be integrated into (for environments which support resource sharing), the name of the server image if a particular engine contains remote codecs, etc. This is done via a XDC configuration script (*.cfg).

This script, when run at a later time by the application author, generates code and build instructions appropriate for the configuration.

An engine config file (.cfg). If the Engine uses remote codecs, this may reference a Codec Server

    Various Codec packages from Algorithm Creators
    A Codec Server DSP executable from the Server Integrator if codec will run on a DSP
    An Engine config file (.cfg) from the Engine Integrator

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