Wednesday, August 15, 2012



Various Codec packages, Codec Engine and dependent packages (e.g. ti.bios, ti.sdo.fc.dskt2, etc), XDCtools

A Codec Server package, containing a DSP executable


    Codec Engine Server Integrator User's Guide
    Configuration Reference Guide. $(CE_INSTALL_DIR)/xdoc/index.html
    Example Codec Servers. $(CE_INSTALL_DIR)/examples
    Codec Engine's multi-codec Server Wizard (available in CE 2.20+)
        Single-codec Server Wizard (supports older CE releases)
The Server Integrator hands the DSP executable to the Engine Integrator (preferably as a Codec Server package. The Server Integrator should also provide a list of the codecs in the Codec Server, as well as documentation about how they've been configured (for example, thread priorities and resource configuration).

On GPP-only (e.g. DM355, DM365) and DSP-only (e.g. DM6437, DM648) platforms, Codec Servers (and therefore this role!) are not applicable.

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