Wednesday, September 12, 2012

LabTool-48UXP Programmer Universal pin driver

LabTool-48UXP Programmer Universal pin driver
    Universal pin driver--No adapter required for DIL devices
    The LabTool-48UXP features universal pin driver, each pin

can supply four different voltage, ground, it also can be

configurable as TTL high/low levels with pull-high/pull-low,

high-speed clock and high impedance. This advanced pin design

lets you program any DIL device of up to 48 pins without needing

an adapter.

LabTool-48UXP Programmer Unbeatable programming speed

    The LabTool-48UXP's on-board intelligence reduces system

overhead to a minimum. The LabTool-48UXP has 100% more

performance then its predecessor product in program the high

density flash chip, it can program a Intel 32 M bit flash chip

in less then 60 seconds.